New Desert Outpost is a diverse collection of people from a variety of backgrounds and ages. Most of our campers come in through referrals, but we’re always open to meeting people to help our camp thrive.

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Camping with us

It’s important that we create a community – not just a camp – and all campers play an important role in this.

(updated in 2024 – might change for future burns)

  • Work Shifts: All campers are expected to do 3 work shifts over the course of the week to keep things running smoothly. Please show up on time, get shit done, and if you miss a shift please offer to pick up another.
  • Camp dues: The sexy amenities cost money, so we all pitch in to make sure it works. Jump to cost and details
  • Participation: Come hang out with us and help make the camp events awesome. Leading up to the burn we host regular happy hours and build days.
  • Camp tear down: By the end of the week, everybody is tired and just wants to leave. But before we can, we have to tear down the camp, pack everything up and make sure there’s absolutely no moop left behind. Everyone in camp is involved in tear down. If you’re leaving before the weekend, talk to one of the camp leads to see what you can do to make their tear down easier.
  • Departure: Departure process for each person should be:
    • Check lost and found for personal items
    • Take 1 bag of trash and 1 bag of recycling per car (or per person for Burner Express)
    • Do a final thorough moop sweep of your tent area

Camp Dues

Camp dues are determined each year based on the expected camp size, camp amenities and our interactivity for that year.

For 2024:

  • $350 per camper.
  • Budget lead will send a request on June 30 or within 10 days of acceptance into the camp, whichever comes later. (This year’s lead is maxb.)
  • 50% refundable through Aug 1, then no refunds.


Do you know some people you’d like to invite to join the camp? Awesome!

  • As a sponsor, it’s your responsibility to make sure they come to the burn prepared and show up for the shifts they signed up for.
  • Invite your friend to a camp event (happy hour or build day) so they can get to know us. If they’re not local, let one of the camp leads know and we’ll work something out.
  • If it feels like a match from both sides, they’re welcome to join the camp.