This Is Us

  • We are a seasoned community of Burning Man explorers who are dedicated to inspiring our fellow wanderers - both new burners and those jaded by years of experience - to discover new parts of Black Rock City.
  • We delight in building fun interactive objects and events that delight and connect our fellow burners with the experiences we love most at Burning Man
  • Burning man to us is a source of creative freedom, an exercise in self reliance and team work and an opportunity to embrace community. We seek to make this camp a reflection of everything we love about the burn.
  • We are excited to bring new people into our community who like engaging in community and creating fun experiences for others. We don’t care if you’ve never created anything, so long as you come with a willingness to help
  • Although nobody in the camp is obliged to remain a unit and everybody takes their own burn experience, if you’re looking for a really solo burn with no accountability to anybody else, this isn’t the camp for you.
  • Because we’re young and small, the whole camp needs to share in running day to day logistics and interactive events.

Sexy Camp Amenities

  • Communal space: We’re offering a front “courtyard” area for events and to welcome guests. Other burners are welcome to come hang out in that area. Go make friends. We also have a private back of house area (behind the backdrops) just for campers. Please feel free to bring stuff that you think would make the area more comfy and homey.
  • Breakfast and Dinner: Basically that. Breakfast ingredients will be available for you to consume in the mornings, and we’ll have a communal camp dinner every night.
  • Kitchen: Our kitchen set up has shelving for communal food, coolers for communal frozen/cold stuff to share with the camp (typically, full of beer donations), three large burners, a motley assortment of cooking implements, knives, etc. and a dish washing station.
  • Tent Shade: Your puny tent is no match for the Playa sun, but under our massive shade structure, you should be able to happily snooze until, like, 9.
  • Drinking Water: We provide drinking water for the camp during the burn. They’ll be held in big-ass barrels in the container. This is not water for showers, which you should bring yourself. Please also pack 5 gallons of emergency water for gate line, or in case there of other issues.
  • Greywater disposal: We have a 250 gal greywater container in the back of camp. Please feel free to use this to dispose of toothpastey/washy/kitchen/warm beer type liquids. Please no bodily fluids. Sometimes I feel like a wimp for having this but then I’m out there and don’t have to carry gallons of gross toothpaste water home and I nearly cry with relief.
  • Shower: For when you feel like being clean for, like, 5 min. Bring your own camping solar shower bag and conserve water when you shower. Please be warned, the shower stall is cursed–inevitably within an hour of someone showering, a dust storm kicks up.
  • Power: The camp runs primarily on solar with a backup gas powered generator that will be running in the evening for camp lighting. We’ll have an area to plug in anything that needs to be charged, but please be courteous and remove your stuff when it’s done charging so everybody can have at it. The generator is not guaranteed for personal use swamp coolers, AC units, hitachi personal massager, etc. If you want to use it for high-power personal items, please consult the power team lead first (Mark).

Want to camp with us? Learn more.

At and Around the Camp

  • Transportation to the playa: Don’t have a vehicle pass to the burn? No biggie. Use the Burner Express.
  • Camp Events: The camp will be having a series of events during the week. If you’re not working the event, you don’t have to be there, but we’d love for you to join the fun. If you are working the event, please remember to always check ID if alcohol is involved.
  • Trash / Can Recycling / Compost / Burnables: We’ll have cans in the camp for each of these. Please compress anything you put into these as much as possible, . Recyclables will be taken to the recycling camp, and compostable/burnable things will be put in the burn barrel. Anybody caught throwing non-burnable stuff in the burn barrel will be obliged to sit on it while it is lit and while they recite the 10 Principles from memory. You have been warned.
  • Departure: By the end of the week, everybody is tired and just wants to leave. Please be sure to help tear down any structures that need it per the set up and tear down checklist, so that you don’t leave the last 2 people on Playa with an insane amount of work. Departure process for each person should be:
    • Check lost and found for personal items
    • Take 1 bag of trash and 1 bag of recycling per car (or per person for Burner Express)
    • Do a final thorough moop sweep of your tent area
  • Ice, Ice, Baby: If you expect to want ice for your cooler or beverages, etc., bring cash. Price is set by Arctica and is $10 for a 16 pound crushed bag or $5 for a 10 pound blocks bag for 2024. Cubed lasts longer, crushed is more convenient. Pro tip: bring large plastic freezer bags to keep your ice in and then when it melts you end up with ice cold clean drinking water. Cheers! Ice runs will be incorporated into camp work shifts.
  • Food: Lunch is a fend-for-yourselves kind of deal (don’t worry, there are lots of places to find food on your adventures during the day). Snacks are also BYO, however we ask that everyone bring beverage and snacks to share with the camp! Bring anything you might desire, from cheese balls to celery and peanut butter to shitty beer to fine champagne to whatever. Salty snacks are amazing on playa.

Friendly Mom Reminders

  • Take care of yourselves: Stay hydrated, cover up with sunscreen or fabric, get enough food, stay hydrated, try to sleep sometimes.
  • Take care of others: Burning man is a lovely place with lovely people but a) there are scuzzy people out there and b) sometimes people forget to take care of themselves. If you see someone who looks poorly, consider finding a Ranger to get them help. If you see someone who is looks poorly due to the bad behavior of someone else, be a champ and either step in, stay around, or find a Ranger.
  • Take care of the camp: We’re super excited to camp with you awesome people. Please help us keep the camp running smoothly:
    • Show up on time for your work shifts and offer to swap if you mess up.
    • Help keep the common areas tidy–public areas, private areas, kitchen space.
    • Be friendly and awesome with other campers and people.
  • Transport: If you are driving, be sure to enter burning man with sufficient gas in your vehicle. We recommend Love’s gas station right before the turnoff into Gerlach. Use this one and not any other ones in the area because those ones have bad reputations for credit card fraud.

Legal Stuff

Burning man is a beautiful hippy haven of peace, love and sting operations. Yes, there are cops literally everywhere at Burning Man and you will not know they are there until it is too late. They have been burning for longer than you have, their camps are better, their costumes are more elaborate and you will absolutely be fined out the ass if they see you do or mention anything illegal. Beyond that, here are some friendly reminders regarding laws, law enforcement and Burning Man.

  • Car searches: Coming into Burning Man is the most common time to get stopped and searched. They’ll pull you over and if you consent they will totally empty your car on playa. To avoid this:
    • Don’t give them a reason to pull you over: Stay under the speed limit, make sure your license plate is not being blocked by your bike rack and is properly lit up.
    • If you are pulled over and they ask to search your car, politely decline (“I do not consent to a search.”, ”Am I being detained or am I free to go”). Do not under any circumstances consent to have your car searched.
    • Know your rights and what to say.
  • Alcohol: Anybody serving alcohol in any capacity to any non-camp member must see proof of legal drinking age for any people they are serving – yes, even if they’re cute, yes, even if they’re like 80. Really fucking serious about this. If you’re of legal drinking age, you can drink all over the damn place, but don’t be an asshole, and remember to bring some form of ID with you on your adventures – a drivers license or a copy of it taped to your cup usually works well.
  • Substances:
    • Pot is legal in California! Pot is legal in Nevada! Pot is not legal federally, and Burning Man is on federal land. Do not consume or share pot in plain sight outside of the camp
  • Additional Resources
    • Burning Man’s recommendations on how to relate to law enforcement.
    • Seriously watch this: