Holy. Shit. We’re almost there!!

If you’re a planner and an organizer (like some of us here at NDO) you like the prep for the burn. The lists, the spreadsheets, the calendars 🤤. However there comes a tipping point in said prep where you can see the finish line, your lists get shorter and shorter, the things you can control get fewer and fewer, and you start having to let go. For a planner, this is when the ulcers set in. Folks, we have reached that point and some of us are hitting the Tums HARD. The only thing that keeps us stable is the prospect of hitting Playa—and suddenly having a whole new set of lists, spreadsheets and logistics to deal with!! That and the prospect of working to delegate with an amazing team who demand that we not be micromanaging psychos who hoard all the to-do’s and instead share the load so we can have an awesome burn. 🤗


Speaking of awesome people, this year we have soooo many new faces! It’s always surprising to see where new campers come from. We had a great time at the east bay theme camp speed dating event where we acquired several new virgins for sacrif—joining our happy family. Having never done actual speed dating, we felt this was the best manifestation of the activity. We also got several referrals from other camps that are taking a year off, which means seasoned burners who are ready to bite the ass off of black rock city. Also, coworkers came out of the woodwork. Lots of people give side eye at the burning with coworkers thing, but really, nothing says team building and cross functional synergy like viciously swearing half naked in the blazing sun while attempting to assemble a tensegrity structure.

New Logo

This year is a growth year for NDO. As a baby camp we try to bring a lot of interactivity to the burn and this year it’s non-stop events. We like creating a relaxed space for burners to hang out, mingle, and share stories. Check out our events through the week in the what where when guide or in our shameless plugs on Facebook! Despite a last minute glitch that prevented one of our favorite leads from burning this year, we’re stoked for a pun laiden, hella bougie cheese and salty meat happy hour on Thursday. We are also highly pleased with the culmination of some ridiculous crafting sessions that lead to this picture. Swing by to try them out at our safari Olympiad!

Rhino Head

In addition to growth, we took the opportunity last year to shed some extra infrastructure. Having inherited 2-3 camps worth of shade, crafting bits, kitchen kit and miscellany was a massive boon in getting ourselves set up but as a camp of under 30 people we simply didn’t need it. Without going into mind numbing logistical details, our shedding of an entire shipping container’s of stuff and a coveted spot in burning man’s container storage facility has simplified our processes and helped our friend’s camp gain some much needed infrastructure.

Adventure Tags

Our last days before early access opens for our set up crew to get in are usually frantic, and this year is no exception. Suddenly crafting projects need to get wrapped up, last minute changes are surfacing and the rubber of all the logistical details that we’ve planned for are meeting the proverbial road. But with everything being set in motion, we’re all able to feel the excitement of the next couple weeks: looking forward to making new friends, the mind blowing art, the chaos outings and lazy days. All the big and little things that keep us coming back to burning man and make it our home.

Loaded and ready